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Silver Dental Fillings: Important Information

Dental amalgam, or silver-colored fillings, are made to stop cavities from growing within the teeth. They've been used for over 150 years now and provide a less-expensive option for people who want to maintain their beautiful smile without absorbing tremendous costs in the process. But, since the amalgam contains metals made from silver, mercury, tin, and copper, the safety oftentimes comes into question when a person hears the news that they need a tooth filling in Hawthorne CA.

tooth filling in Hawthorne CA

What are Silver Fillings?

Silver fillings are oftentimes used to fill larger cavities as well as those located in the back of the mouth. Since amalgam quickly hardens, it is useful in the mouth in areas where it is not easy to keep the mouth dry. But, many people still wonder if the dental fillings are truly safe, since they do contain these various types of metal. Are the dental fillings used by dentists really safe?

A Safe Way to Protect Your Smile

The answer is yes, dental fillings are 100% safe, according to the American Dental Association. While there are metals in the amalgam, there are only trace amounts that do not cause any harm to the user.  Although many people do not like silver fillings because they're unnatural and show when you talk or laugh, they're used by many patients due to the low costs. It is safe, durable, and works to keep your mouth beautiful.

Cavity Be Gone

Although no one wants to hear they have a cavity, it is reassuring to know that dental fillings are there to correct the problem and prevent future issues. And, since dental fillings are safe, you can sleep good at night knowing that your health is always protected. Dental fillings are safe and help you smile beautifully!